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We do the shopping for You!  We compare several companies and
then can put the coverage in place if you want it.

After submitting the requested information, we will calculate quotes from several, competing insurance companies.  Of course, no coverage is bound and any quote is subject to inspection and other underwriting criteria. When you get the quote, if you are interested, we will make the paperwork easy!  This is our "No Hassle" service. 
All information is totally confidential!  We do not sell names to any organization for any use.
1) We can offer you the most savings by packaging home and auto insurance and
2) Due to the tremendous demand for our insurance due to the savings we can typically provide, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND having us quote your auto insurance at the same time as your homeowners insurance.  At the end of this input there is a link to go to auto quote if you haven't done so already.

Please enter the following information:

Is your home in the State of Arizona, Michigan or Indiana?     If not-- get out. Quotes currently only for those states.

Note: All information is strictly confidential!  We do not sell or give your information to any other company or organization.  We hate those telemarketing phone calls and junk mail too!

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Will you be requesting an auto insurance quote from us or is your auto insurance already with us? Yes  No
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Your Birthdate:
Your Social Security Number  Note: Several companies give a discount that depends on credit rating. It can be as much as a 75% difference in premium!  Thus, a credit report will be ordered to determine if you are eligible for a discount. We do not ever see the credit report.  The company's computer looks it ups and we are told whether or not you qualify for the discount without any other information on your credit report. If you are adamant about NOT wanting to have a credit report search, then please state so in the comments at the end of this form prior to submitting.  You will not be eligible for the discount in this case and your quote will likely be higher than otherwise:
Spouses full name (include middle name)
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Full Property Address:
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Is there a fire hydrant within 1,000 feet Y or N?
Your CURRENT full mailing address if different from Property (or put "same"):
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Mailing Addr City      State Zip
Birthdate of oldest member of household?
Your occupation & employer:          
Your spouse's occupation & employer:
What Coverage Limit do you have or want on the dwelling?:      
If you wish for a limit that exceeds $1million, please contact our office at 800-243-6296.

Deductible(Click to highlight deductible wanted):                

Liability Limit (Click to highlight limit wanted):   Guest Medical Payment Limit:


Approx Sq Ft of your house:               
Frame or Brick?:                                 
If Brick, what percentage is brick?:      
Year your house was built:                   

Type of Construction:   "Stick Built"            Mobile Home              Modular 

Age of roof (Enter the Year):               
Age of furnace(Enter the Year):           
Age/Condition of plumbing (Enter latest update year & describe)   
Age/Condition of wiring (Enter latest update year & describe)        
Who will be/is living in the house?        
List all pets owned or put "none". If dog(s), please list breed

Homeowners policies from most companies exclude damage  from any type of water in the home including backup of water through sewer, sump pumps or drains.  Some companies let you add additional coverage to add limited coverage for backup of sewer, sump pump or drains.
Are you concerned about this? No-don't care    Yes, I want coverageMaybe-depends on cost.

Do you own now, or do you plan to get a satelite dish?:No    Yes

Please describe any and all claims you have had in the last 5 years on a homeowners or renters policy--even if it was a different home. Include amount of claim and approx date. If none, then type in "none":
If you recently purchased the home, please enter the price paid and year purchased:
If you are just now buying the home, what is the closing date?:  
Multi Listing Number (MLS#) from Realtor Listing if applicable:
How Many Smoke detectors do you have?:
Do you have at least one fire extinguisher?:  
Do you have deadbolt locks on ALL doors leading outside?
Do you have an alarm system?
    If you answered yes to alarm system, please describe how it works and whether it makes noise, notifies a central station etc. 

Do you have a wood burner?:                    (fireplace is NOT a woodburner)
If  you are a  member of any group (such as a College Alumni Assoc., AARP, MEA,   etc.) what?:

Your Current Insurance Agent                 
Current Insurance Company:                   
Policy Number:                                      
Annual Premium you are paying currently:
Expiration date of current policy:             

Is your current company canceling or non-renewing you?  If so, Why?
What company currently insures your AUTOs?:  

Do you want a Quote for Mortgage Life Insurance to pay off the mortgage is something were to happen?
If so, Enter the amount of your mortgage and the number of years it is amortizing over
Coverage Notes: In addition to the dwelling limit and liability limit, our quotes will typically include:
Other Structures at 10% of the dwelling limit
Personal Property at 70% of the dwelling limit
Loss of Use at 20% of the dwelling amount or one year
Personal Property Replacement Cost

Extra comments (you  can keep going past the end of the line):

Did you fill in all the information?  Did you have your existing policy in front of you to ensure an "apples-to-apples" quote?  

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